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photoblog image
there was a self portrait challenge on shutterchance long ago,
well this was taken that time,
i had just come back from giving an exam(i'm still im my school uniform) and clicked this one,
it was too dark at the time and i really cudn help the lighting,but then played around with it in photoshop and this is the best i could do....

i need some help with RAW,
well the buffer in my D100 seems to be only 2,3 images,so after a few clicks i have to wait for them to write to the CF card,how long do raw images take to get written? is it normal to take long?
and also,
some stock agencies ask for 50mb tiff files, whereas the D100 shoots 9.6mb raw, and  17mb tiff's so is there a way to upsize or i simply cant shoot at that size?

and whats the largest print i can do from a D100(6.1 megapixels)...??

Suby from Milton Keynes, UK 5 Jan 2007, 08:05
Happy New Year Shiv, A lot of questions you have, eeck to early in the morning to think, but will answer the question about enlarging your images, you need a software called Genuine Fractals for that, google the name.

shiv ahuja: aah,thanks suby,happy new year to you too...!
hehe,P2P to find the software..!lol

P.J. 5 Jan 2007, 08:24
Very nice! I have never done a self portrait, but this one came out well!
shiv ahuja: thanks P.J..!

Louis from South Africa 5 Jan 2007, 08:31
Hiya mr shiv you don't make half a bad picture. Should maybe think of a modelling career!

Anyhow about the downloads - you may have to look around for a faster card. Suby answered the other question

Have a nice day.
shiv ahuja: haha,thanks louis,i think i'm happier behind the lens..! lol,
actually problem solved..! i was shooting compressed raw so it was taking time to its alright....! thanks anyway...

Sriram 5 Jan 2007, 10:17
This one came out nice...your exam must have gone well smile
shiv ahuja: haha,thanks sriram...

Chantal 5 Jan 2007, 13:22
LOL, good shot! B&W makes it even better
shiv ahuja: thanks chantal...!

Mal from Mars 5 Jan 2007, 15:01
Suby is right about the software. Your camera is trying to off load to the cf card as fast as it can but the card is too slow however, this is only a problem if you are doing sport stuff! All my cards are too slow but generally it does not worry me.

Nice to meet you Shiv, were you playing some Rush? Mal
shiv ahuja: hehe this was a pose,but right after the shot, i played shine on you crazy diamond twice over with the track...! hehe,
anyhow, i've sent you a mail with a few more questions..! thanks...

Ashish Sidapara 5 Jan 2007, 18:07
Nice self portrait!
shiv ahuja: thanks ashish...!

micki 5 Jan 2007, 18:31
Oh, you play...that is so cool. If you pay attention, there are a lot of us photographers who also play music. Awesome self portrait!
shiv ahuja: thanks micki,you play as well?

Tom 5 Jan 2007, 21:45
Good photo of you Shiv...

I deal with tiffs all the time Shiv... I don't know where agencies are coming up with the 50mb files...They should be more concerned with the images being crisp and 300dpi so they will print well in cmyk for 4/c process printing when converted from rgb.

As for speed with raw files, I use the new Sandisk Extreme 4 compact flash cards. They seem much faster than the series III cards. The thumbnails are in the Nikon folder almost instantly, and my raw files open in about 5 seconds in Nikons Capture NX. I use the maximum quality on my D200 for Raw files. Could you use more ram? Maybe that could be the problem. These files eat up a lot of memory. I run 3 gigs of memory on my pc so I think that helps me out some. I would try more ram Shiv...see if that helps.
shiv ahuja: i dont think ram is a problem just yet,not shooting raw exclusively...
anyhow,thanks for the info....!

Ginnie from United States 6 Jan 2007, 13:02
Great to meet you, Shiv. I really like how you did your self-portrait, especially in mono. smile
shiv ahuja: thanks a lot ginnie...! youve been bookmarked..! hehe smile

latest comment
Zishaan 15 Jan 2007, 08:30
Dont think you can upsize. You can scan negatives to 50mb files I think.

I have some printed very good 12x18 inches using 6mb files from D70.

must fill in
for this photo I'm in a any and all comments icon ShMood©
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exposure mode full manual
shutterspeed 1/125s
aperture f/5.6
sensitivity ISO400
focal length 62.0mm
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