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photoblog image old bombay
well,taken from a moving bus,with a half shut window,when the bus was turning away(a roundabout)during a school trip to bombay....!

tried straightening in picasa but it didnt seem to work as well,
could someone please tell me how to straighten in cs2?,im asking  here so that the comments are useful to others willing to learn as well,
and this is the first image i've processed using layers,uptil now i only used a single layer,but after some useful emails and advice from mal,i've finally started using layers,

got my first feature on vazaar,read the previous post for details.

Ashish Sidapara 8 Jan 2007, 17:38
Lovely b&w shot, nice contrast!
Filter>Distort>Lens Correction .. 2nd icon on the left.

PhotoSam from London, U.K 8 Jan 2007, 18:14
yup, ashish has told you how....
im obviously bugged at the cropping at the top and the tile but i do know how tough moving shots are but u really should practise them because some of the best shots are from car/bus windows....
i like the processing work on this and the way youve made the building dark but not too dark....also, congrats on the feature at vazaar, that was a pretty amazing shot...

i was wondering if u cud invite me to join vazaar...ur absolutely free to decline my request...
shiv ahuja: why would i decline your request..!! i dont have any invites as yet,but as soon as i get one i would surely send one to you...!
well the shot was framed that way,i would have liked to get the tip in as well.thanks for the comment sam..!

P.J. 8 Jan 2007, 19:30
Looks like one impressive building and architecture. Nice job!

micki 8 Jan 2007, 21:28
Wow, this is quite a shot, especially considering the circumstances you shot under. It's a beautiful b&w image.

nev from Australia 8 Jan 2007, 22:56
very well done. nice and contrasty too. if the shot was taken in raw then in CS2 there is a cool straighten tool at the top of the raw conversion prog. You draw a line along the edge you want to be a horizontal and done. i also use the rotate canvas. you can also use the crop tool with the perspective setting. give that one a go and see what wierd stuff it can do.

Dotun 8 Jan 2007, 23:11
i really respect shots taken in motion..happy new year.

Shailja 9 Jan 2007, 02:39
came out as a nice sharp b/w - especially if you took this from a bus! Havent checked out (or understood) the vazaar business but came across the mention in other photoblogs as well ...have a lot to learn about photoblogging smile

Laurie 9 Jan 2007, 05:19
There are a few different ways to straighten in CS2. You can take the crop tool and eyeball it by going outside the corner of the bounding box (is that what it's called? Not sure.) and then you'll see a curved arrow thing that you can use to rotate it until it looks right then re-adjust the crop by the corners so that it fits the way you want it to. Then just crop it. You can also do it in ACR I think, but I haven't done it that way, no real reason I just haven't. Another method is to use the measure tool and run it along a line in the photo that you think should be straight like the edge of a wall or something like that. Then go to image-rotate-arbitrary, after that crop it to fit.

That is an impressive piece of architecture. Really beautiful.

Abhijit 9 Jan 2007, 06:43
Well taken shot, buddy! I'd to see it toned...sepia etc!smile

Chantal 9 Jan 2007, 12:55
good choice for B&W

kalyan 9 Jan 2007, 14:25
Considering the shot is in motion, it is very well shot & framed!

Sriram 10 Jan 2007, 05:56
Vey Fine...good Shot!

latest comment
ChaCha 11 Aug 2007, 14:18
Excellent shot Shiv!

must fill in
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