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photoblog image abstract or crap-stract?
hmm so what do you think....??

the farewell went of really well...
the 11th graders really outdid themselves..! it was very well organised..and the slideshow in the end was just great...some really memorable pictures of the whole batch..

our performance went off pretty well, since no one knew we were playing,and well no one expected us to play at our own farewell....we started out with pearl jam-jeremy and after that we played our anthem,the song we've played a number of times before in school and EVERYONE loves it... another brick in the wall by floyd....hehe during the performance everyone came on stage, i cudn see any other band members,it was really hard to play, my solo was sooo muddy and bad,but whatever it was all in the moment..! hehe....

Ellie 3 Feb 2007, 17:10
I think .. it's nice, looks good on the white, has visual impact too.

Azhar 4 Feb 2007, 17:46
It's OK, just some lines I can make in photoshop.

Tom 4 Feb 2007, 19:01
WOW! Thats pretty neat Shiv! I'm trying to think how you did that.

P.J. 5 Feb 2007, 08:00
It's interesting.

Louis from back from endurance riding and baked in the sun 5 Feb 2007, 09:27
What do i think? First thought is that you can better go study grin the second thought is that you must get a girl-friend because i can see what you are thinking tongue

The last thought is that it is a thing of beauty.

Ashish Sidapara 5 Feb 2007, 17:24
The idea is nice, but not sure about the execution. I would love to help you out, but in the first place i need to think how you managed that smile

Laurie 6 Feb 2007, 04:33
Not sure about this one, really. It seems like something is missing.

Glad to hear it all went well at the ceremony.

Chantal 6 Feb 2007, 09:22
great shot, perfect background with the white,

latest comment
abhijit 15 Feb 2007, 18:02
nice abstract!

must fill in
for this photo I'm in a any and all comments icon ShMood©
camera NIKON D100
exposure mode full manual
shutterspeed 4s
aperture f/2.8
sensitivity ISO400
focal length 200.0mm
abstract or crap-stract?(2)abstract or crap...
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