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photoblog image abstract or crap-stract?(2)

taken with the rubber eyecup placed in front of the lens...

so...abstract or crap-stract?....

I WANT A HOLGA...!! i dont know if medium format film is available here, i could order roles online,but now i dont know if they can be developed here...but i want one sooo bad...!

posting from an uncles computer,access problems are still troubling me...dunno if i should switch..? i really like shutterchance..but its quite a pain posting from other computers and this way i cant even visit everyone,or anyone for that matter,no shutterchance sites are accesible....



Ashish Sidapara 11 Feb 2007, 05:03
Cool effect. You can also try adding lots of vignetting to get this effect and the eyecup can stay where its suppose to be ;-)

Chantal 12 Feb 2007, 11:05
nice effect with the edges.

Louis 12 Feb 2007, 11:19
This is somewhere in the direction that vignette or focussed radial blur was created in the days of film. You had a piece of white plastic pipe the radial size of the lens in front. The pipe polished on the inside. That you hold in front of the lens while taking the picture. The polished inside of the pipe created the radial blur effect. Now we do stuff like that with pp. Long pipe, more blur and a smaller focus point - shorter pipe, vice versa.

No crap-stract here. Nice picture of the liquor cabinet here smile

I work shutter from two computers one at work and one from home. I don't have inter-pc issues with connectivity. What i do understand is getting your pictures to someone elses pc for posting can be a bit of a drag. In the holidays i have even done 'visiting' from internet cafes.

latest comment
Laurie 12 Feb 2007, 17:50
Good experiment. Reminiscent of a pinhole camera. In school we had to make our own pinhole cameras, it was a lot of fun.

must fill in
for this photo I'm in a any and all comments icon ShMood©
camera NIKON D100
exposure mode full manual
shutterspeed 1/100s
aperture f/8.0
sensitivity ISO320
focal length 24.0mm
abstract or crap-stract?abstract or crap...
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