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photoblog image this-band-dead(disbanded)
hmmm i didn take this one,
but i'm the one on the extreme left,
this was shot last year around this time,
the last shot of us performing...! all the pictures this time were really the band is no more,we are all preparing for our board exams from the 5th of next month,and after that no one knows where they'l end ya....

not too sure about this one,but its an interesting effect.
The Maven from London, UK 28 Feb 2007, 00:50
I've always found band performances to be very tough conditions to take photos in. Good thinking to use silouettes.

Shamik 28 Feb 2007, 01:24
Im loving this... the silhouettes and the toning ..i think it works very well!

Thomas Mathew from India 28 Feb 2007, 03:41
Amazing shot Shiv, simply awesome - credit to whoever took it grin

Gud luck for your exams smile

Laurie 28 Feb 2007, 04:38's a shame you won't be together anymore. sad

navin harish 28 Feb 2007, 08:01
Nice shot. Good luck for your band and I hope you get together after the exams and if not, I hope you will find new band members and make a new band.

Chantal 28 Feb 2007, 10:45
interesting lighting.

Laurie 28 Feb 2007, 11:41
Hi Shiv, I got your question about the price of a macro lens. I think the one I got, the Nikon, was in the $400-$500 range. I have the 60mm f2.8 Nikon. You can buy extension tubes at a much cheaper price I think you can get a set of 3 for around $200. They can make other lenses function as macros fairly nicely. I got the dedicated macro because it can also double as a nice portrait lens as well.

Ashish Sidapara 28 Feb 2007, 15:47
Nice silhouette, love the green background. Sorry to hear about the band, all the best for ur exams mate!

Louis 28 Feb 2007, 17:20
Thanks for sharing your last stage act with us. You are not singing!
It is a great momento, whoever took the pic.

Ellie from New Forest, Hampshire, England 28 Feb 2007, 22:34
That's a nice picture, it looks almost as if you are silhouetted against behind a projector screen. Good memories smile

abhijit 21 Mar 2007, 06:44
loved this one toosmile

latest comment
nyx 31 Mar 2007, 17:19
i know this picture... i know this band... i know that time and i know this feeling too.... ahhh, school... ah, the school band..... much love to you... peace....

must fill in
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