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photoblog image
my first attempt at a bird shot,
this was taken through a window and i had to crop it a lot...i wish the quality was better but cudnt really help it....
2 exams down,3 to go.... have accountancy on thursday so wont be blogging till then atleast....
please have a look at the archives if possible....

i wasnt very fond of bird photography, always thought it was kind of boring u know...either there were full frame portraits or shots with the bird in flight, i was never SOO into it.
but after experimenting a little and looking at several blogs i've realised that its not so easy,
its tough to get a sharp shot, and if youre using an under 400mm lens,it really becomes hard to fill the frame....i had such a tough time with this one, it just wouldnt stay at one place for more than a few seconds...!

p.s   could someone tell me its name???

Ashish Sidapara 11 Mar 2007, 02:26
Its a kingfisher for sure, but then there are so many types in them smile Lovely shot and all the best!

Sriram 11 Mar 2007, 16:52
Hey nice shot! All the best!

PhotoSam 11 Mar 2007, 23:43
not sure what kind but its definitely a kingfisher...its a fantastic first-time bird shot...birds can be one of th hardest things to shoot...gonna finish soon?

navin harish 12 Mar 2007, 07:02
Nice composition but a littlr out of focus. Don't you think?

Louis from South Africa 12 Mar 2007, 12:10
Welcome dear shiv to the club. Birds are restless. I take pictures of birds, which is not the same as birding. Birds teach you about the limitations of your camera. It's ability to ready for the next shot (turnaround time), ability to take pictures in shaded areas, in extreme light, on the flight, ability to reproduce colours exactly, how much crop can a pic stand. etc etc. And how to make fast decisions and live with bad results, because they can't all be good allways.
About taking pics through windows - it requires a 90 degree angle and clean windows smile You cannot really remove the sheen.
Best of results on your hard work with the studies - I hope someone near to you will give you a good camera on positive results!

Laurie 12 Mar 2007, 12:23
Birds are tough!!! You really need to use a tripod if to increase your chances of getting a sharp one. Also it helps to shoot in burst mode.

He looks like a beauty though.

Ellie 13 Mar 2007, 18:40
It looks a bit like a Kingfisher to me, and it's a darned good picture too.

Just a few hints. I know photographing birds can be really difficult, I've thrown hundreds of pictures away. You get the thing in focus, and it flies away! Be patient, and you'll get exactly the pictures you want.

Aim your camera at the bird's eye, if that's in focus then the rest will follow.
A fairly short focal length will throw any background out of focus. If you can, use a fairly high shutterspeed.

You can use an 'inverted' colour layer which will sometimes remove the sheen effect of shooting through glass. That's what it's called in Photofiltre, I presume it's the same in Photoshop.

You do need to get your camera as close to the glass as possible, so you don't get reflections.

Have fun, and good luck with the rest of your exams. smile

Chantal 15 Mar 2007, 10:46
nice composition

Mats 16 Mar 2007, 12:23
Shiv.. I am not expert.. but if I am right.. this is a white breasted kingfisher.. and a lovely shot at that.. smile

Steve 18 Mar 2007, 00:14
Great dof, and the smooth line of the branch is nice.

Charles 19 Mar 2007, 06:35
Superbe !!!
Une bonne semaine

Andy 20 Mar 2007, 08:55
I really like this Shiv, and after just ordering a new lens that'll give me more reach (100-300) I'm filled with the anticipation of taking pictures like this myself.

There is a slight darkened band parallel to and above the branch. Is this reflection from the windowpane? You could have photoshopped it out if you'd liked.

latest comment
April 23 Mar 2007, 19:06
Great first attempt. This is a very interesting looking bird! I've never seen one like it.

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